History of the MWHC

Mundaring is proud to be the only one of the original clubs who have continuously played in the Hills Women's Hockey Association and have become one of the strongest clubs in the competition.

In the early years the Mundaring teams had great success winning premierships in 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956 and 1957. During the 60's Mundaring struggled to field a team, often playing with 8 or 9 players and getting beaten by stronger clubs like Mt Helena, 14 goals to nil. Somehow we survived and steadily built up numbers until 1968 when we had 2 teams. The club grew through the 1970's and in 1981 there were 3 Mundaring teams.

With the introduction of C Grade in 1982 our club started to pick up many good players and and by 1985 we had grown to 4 teams. In 1986 we fielded 5 teams and finally in 1989 we became the only club ever to field 6 teams. At present we field 2 teams in two grades.

Marg Selkirk was a life member of both Mundaring Women's Hockey Club and the Hills Women's Hockey Association. She played from 1954 until her death in season 2000, and only played for one club, Mundaring. The Mundaring Shire acknowledged her as the longest playing member of the Hills Association at their 50th Birthday in 1998.

The following paragraph was written in our clubs 50th anniversary booklet

"Marg's vision for hockey was to have a permanent home for the Mundaring Club. She was very passionate about hockey and her life revolved around it even on Mothers Day!"

So that is why, we now present a trophy every year in her honour, in recognition for outstanding dedication and contribution to the Mundaring Women's Hockey Club

The well deserved winners have been:

2001 Jenny Mcbride
2002 50th Anniversary Committee
2003 Sharon Casey
2004 Judy Hardaker
2005 Paul Reinholdtsen
2006 Jackie McCollum
2007 Zoe Hernsted
2011 Kerry Duncan
2012 Sandra McKinlay

Mundaring's strength is in the caliber of it's life members and to many of their families who dedicated their time in making the club what it is today

Our gratitude goes to:

Margaret Selkirk (dec)
Helen Foskett
Mary Ball
Anne Eggleston
Sally Roberts
Faye Makor
Marianne Stephens
Chris Nicholson
Debbie Hyde
Hayla Reinholdtsen
Kerry Duncan